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Lapa’au Farm is a 2 acre, bio-intensive farming operation. We practice “beyond organic” methods, which means we do not even use organic sprays.

We are focused on soil health, so we only use a walk behind machine and hand tools to grow our food to make the smallest impact on the soil as possible. This creates more diversity and living microorganisms in our soil to digest more nutrients so they are bioavailable to our plants for better flavors.

We grow a variety of crops, but our primary focus is growing oyster mushrooms, root crops, and salad greens

Oyster Mushrooms

Organically grown, buttery, delicate, chewy, protein rich


Organically grown, sweet tender and nutrient rich

Premium Salad Greens

Organically grown, not all salad is created equal 😉 

Baby Mustard Greens

Organically grown, if wasabi had an older brother

Maui Sweet Onion

Organically grown, deliciously sweet raw or caramelized

Adirondack Blue Potatoes

Organically grown, full of antioxidants, rich, and creamy

Adirondack Red Potatoes

Organically grown, also full of antioxidants, rich, and creamy


Organically grown, simply the sweetest carrots grown on Maui


Organically grown, so good they will stain your soul purple!

Hakurei Sweet Turnips

Organically grown, sweet like a jicama crunchy like a radish

Purple Daikon Radish

Organically grown, mildly spicy with a hint of sweetness 

Watermelon Radish

Organically grown, the underground melon with a kick

Sugar Snap Pea Shoots

Organically grown, the garnish of all garnish. Sweet. Tender.


Organically grown, a must for salsa. Extremely fresh.

Baby Kale

Organically grown, like kale but this is the “veil of kale”  

 Dragon Beans

Organically grown, you will never want a green bean again


Organically grown, delicate, delightful, and spicy!

Kabocha Pumpkin

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Nasturtium Flowers

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Our Mission

Our mission at Lapa’au Farm is to care for the land in a respectable way that feeds the soil biology to create the most nutrient-rich foods possible and create an ecosystem that is diverse, healthy, and whole.

You can experience our produce at these local

Maui Restaurants, Grocery Stores and from select Private Chefs!

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Contact us:

Phone: (562) 331-7748